Here, we show you some details on the type of information the RapierConnect – Green system provides.

The system below is a “gateway” device, this allows the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to be retained, meaning there isn’t the need to replace any existing investment you’ve made on your network. This system will integrate with any Wi-Fi or Wired guest access systems and provides the Portal page (What the guest sees when trying to access your Wi-Fi or the Internet) and the analytics. The system also has an integrated “pay for use” feature that can be enabled to allow for payment by guests – all through the single portal. The system has a management web portal for you to simply & quickly access, update or change the way your guests access your service and what they can expect if you wish to operate different levels of access to the Internet.

Wi-Fi Management Portal – Overview Screen


Get a snap-shot of information on your Wi-Fi guest access and usage immediately on one page. Information available includes,

  • Guests online now
  • Total registered guests
  • Average dwell-time
  • Busiest day (both data and users)
  • Average users per day
  • Guest data usage (Average, minimum & maximum)
  • Social media access logins
  • Gender split
  • Favourite device type
  • Loyalty (new vs. repeat guests)

Wi-Fi User Analytics


Get more detailed information on your customers / guests and see trending information on the usage of your Wi-Fi compared to yesterday, last week, last month or last year.

Detailed User Information


Access the information of who, when and how customers have used your Wi-Fi. Export the information to any customer Management System or Marketing software for your use.

Deep User Technology Insights


Understand what makes your guests tick by seeing what type of device they use to connect to the Internet or what operating system they use. This can help to shape the way you develop your Social Media Presence and Marketing Activities. You can also see just how hungry they are for data and how much time they spend online.

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