Here, we provide examples of some details on the type of information the RapierConnect – Gold system provides.

The system below is combines a powerful Wi-Fi Access Point (AP) & Guest Access and Management Portal system, delivering an “all-in-one” solution for Intelligent Guest Wi-Fi. These systems are security certified for use with payment information systems and guest / customer data all from the same AP and the system can also provide PCI-DSS Compliance reports on any set interval required to demonstrate your compliance with legislative guidelines when using Wi-Fi for payment systems.

Presence Information

This analytical information is not dependent on users / guests “logging in” to the system – the system will register the unique devices seen within the Wi-Fi area whether they connect or not – This information does not however provide personal user information.



The amount of devices that have been present within your Wi-Fi area (How many customers have visited).

Dwell Time

The amount of time each device has been present within your Wi-Fi area (How long your customer has been browsing).

User Demographic Information

This analytical information is based only on the guests that access your Wi-Fi service.


Login Method

See how your customers are accessing your Wi-Fi service through the various options available from form entry or SMS verification, through to Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare to name but a few!

Visitor Log

See the customers that have accessed your Wi-Fi and get information on what method of access they used, as well as further analytical information such as name, age, DOB, location, email address etc. The Visitor Log can also be exported to be used in any customer contact or marketing software you wish to use (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Outlook etc…).

Conversion Rate

See the conversion from an “outside” to an “inside” customer – This shows how many people in the area of your Wi-Fi service move from being simply visible by the system to being actually users of the system.


See the breakdown of repeat customers – from 1 time visits to loyal (4 times or more in 7 days) and everything in between.

Data Usage

See the internet data usage from your customers web browsing – both upload & download to help you shape how you limit customer usage or increase bandwidth or potentially offer different packages.


See how your customers are split between male and female to help target your offers and promotions to best suit your customer base or to help grow one versus the other.

Age Distribution

See the age breakdown of your visitors to help you target your ideal demographic, or to help grow sales in a less popular age range.

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