Here, we provide examples of some details on the type of information the RapierConnect – Purple system provides.

The system below is a “virtual gateway” system, this can allow the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to be retained, meaning there is potential to utilise your investment in existing infrastructure. This system will integrate with any Wi-Fi guest access systems and provides the Portal page (What the user or guest first sees when trying to access your Wi-Fi or the Internet) and the analytics. The system also has an integrated “pay for use” feature that can be enabled to allow for payment for Wi-Fi access by guests – all through the single portal. The system has a management web portal for you to simply & quickly access, update or change the way your guests access your service. Additionally the system has a very powerful location aware marketing suite to generate offers to customers based on matching analytical options set by you.

Wi-Fi Management Portal – Overview Screen


Get a snap-shot of information on your Wi-Fi guest access and usage immediately on one page. Information available includes,


  • Average users per day.
  • Total cumulative users.
  • Average users per month.
  • Most popular age range of users.
  • Users by day.
  • Cumulative users & sessions.
  • Users by month.
  • Users by month (new vs. repeat).
  • top venue.
  • user demographics (Male/Female by age range).

User / Guest Analytics Overview


Get more information and demographics on your visitors and guests.


  • Number of logins
  • Social vs. Form logins
  • Most popular location
  • Most popular gender
  • Total Wi-Fi users by login type – Shows New / Repeat & Unique users by login method.
  • Wi-Fi users by day – How many users shown per day so you can see your busy and quiet times.
  • Wi-Fi users by demographic – See the customer split in gender over age ranges.
  • Age distribution – See user splits on male/female by age ranges.
  • Visitor Locations – See which of your places are most popular for male/female split.
  • Visitor Sources – See which login method is most popular for marketing purposes.
  • Social by gender – see your login type by gender split.
  • Social by age – see your login type by age range.
  • Social Network by gender – See the gender split over login types.
  • user demographics (Male/Female by age range)

Customer Interest


If your customers use the Facebook Social Media Platform, you can discover more about what they like.

Deep Customer Insight


Understand more about what makes your customers tick, including what operating system they use and what they most visit or view on the Internet. This can help you shape your own online presence and marketing activities. Information provided includes,


  • Operating System – what are the most common operating systems used by you customers.
  • Browser types – what are the most common browsers used by you customers.
  • Data Usage – see how much data is uploaded / downloaded by your customers.
  • Wi-Fi Usage – see dwell time for your customers.
  • Top requested domains – see where your customer like to visit on the web.
  • Top requested categories – see what your customer like to visit on the web.
  • Most blocked domains – see where your customers are trying to visit on the web, but not allowed.
  • Most blocked categories – see what your customers are trying to visit on the web, but not allowed.

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